Gingerbread Costume

What elf wouldn’t want to dress up as a Gingerbread boy/girl while visiting from the North Pole? This tutorial will guide you through making a gingerbread costume for your elf. It’s quick, easy and will bring a smile to your little one’s face.

What you need:

  • two pieces of felt
  • ric rac
  • fabric pen
  • buttons
  • coordinating thread
  • ribbon for the bow
  • pattern
Print out your pattern. The pattern is a little larger than a standard size paper. You can use pattern paper or tissue paper. Fold the paper, trace and cut out the gingerbread man.
Pin the pattern into place and cut around the gingerbread pattern.
Sew your buttons.
Use your fabric pen to mark the gingerbread boy. These lines will guide you in sewing the two pieces of felt together (not yet though!).
Sew your ric rac into place. I use a lighter to burn the end of the ric rac to prevent it from fraying.
Now place your two pieces of felt together, pin into place and sew on the lines.
Make a bow and burn the edges to prevent the ends from fraying.
Sew your bow into place.

Viola! You now have a gingerbread costume for your Elf! Pin the bow onto the head if your elf is a girl!

Travel Pillowcase


1/2 Yard of Cotton Fabric

1/4 Yard of Cotton Fabric for the border/cuff

12” x 16” pillow insert

  • Cut cuff/border fabric using the pattern. (Given in Camp)
  • Cut a rectangle from the main fabric using the pattern. (Given in Camp)

After you cut the fabric…

Take the main part of the fabric and put rights sides together.

Mark 3/8” using your invisible pen and ruler.

Clip with alligator pins or straight pins. Sew down each side.

Finish with a zig zag stitch and wet the invisible pen marks on your pillowcase.

Press seams.

Take the border/contrasting fabric and fold with right sides together and sew.  Finish with a zigzag stitch.

Press the seam.

Fold the cuff/border fabric in half and press.

Place the folded border/contrasting fabric on the right edge of the vertical rectangle with all edges of the border fabric lined up with the main fabric.

Pin and sew. Finish with a zig zag stitch.

Turn it right side out.


Top stitch


Everywhere You Go, Tote


-3/4 yard of fabric for the outside of the tote

-1/2 yard of fabric for the inside of the tote

-1 package of heat and bond fusible fleece. (optional)

For this project, the bottom of the bag is 15 1/2 inches wide and the sides 16 inches long.  You can make it any size. You would just need to adjust fabric requirements.

1. Cut two 15 ½”  x 16” pieces (outside)

2. Cut two 15 ½” x 16” pieces (inside)

3. Cut one 4” x 44” of fabric (outside fabric). Then cut it in half. This will be your handles.

4. Cut two pieces of fusible fleece (15 1/2 x 16 1/2) This is optional if you want your tote to be stiff.

Now take the 4” x 44” piece…

-Fold fabric in half and press.

– Then fold both sides to the middle crease and then over again.

-Top-stitch down each side of strap close to the edge.

Now take your outside and inside pieces of fabric…

-If you want your bag to be stiff you need to use the heat and bond stabilizer. If you want your bag to be floppy you will skip this step. Iron the  rough side of the stabilizer to the wrong side of the fabric you will use for the outside of your bag.

-Lay inside fabric right sides together and sew on three sides. Leave one side open for the top!

-Next, sew your outer fabric pieces right sides together on three sides.

-Now we are going to “box” the corners of the bottom of the bag. To do this pinch the corner, iron and sew 1 ½ “ from the corner. You will do this for both the inside and outside.

-Press seems

– Place inside fabric inside the outside fabric right sides together. I slipped the inside fabric up a bit so you can see how it slips in.

– Place straps in between right sides of fabric on each side about three inches from the side edge.

– Pin or clip straps and the top edge of bag well. Stitch around the top of bag 1/2 inch from the edge. Leave a 3 inch opening. We will need an opening to be able to turn the bag right side out!

-Turn bag right side out and press with an iron.

-Close up the opening used for turning.

-Top stitching not only makes your bag look more finished, but also makes the seams more durable.

ALL Finished! Congrats! You did a great job!

Hand Towel to Travel Kit

Here’s what you need to make your own washcloth travel kit:

  • Washcloth or hand towel
  • 12″-18″ of washable ribbon
  • fabric pen
  • ruler
  • sewing machine

Start by folding the bottom of the washcloth about halfway to the top.

Use your fabric pen and ruler to mark your “pockets.”

Then sew a few straight lines using your markings as your guide up the ends and middle to create “pockets”.

Flip the washcloth over and attach the middle of the ribbon to one edge of the washcloth, about halfway up. Wet the cloth to “erase” all of the fabric pen marks.

Congrats! You now have your very own travel washcloth kit!