Harry Potter Sewing Party

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It’s that time…back to school and back to Hogwarts! We had so much fun at last year’s HP sewing party and I can’t wait to do it all over again!

This year we will be making a Hedwig pillow!

We will also eat HP ispired crafts, snacks, drink butter beer and eat pizza!

When you register via venmo please put your email child’s name in the comments. I will send an email with more information next week!

School’s Out for Summer!

Who’s ready for summer?! I know I’m ready for a little beach time! This month’s sewing party we will be stitching up a beach tote! Pizza, drinks and a sweet treat will be served. Space is limited!

Date: Friday, June 25th

Time: 4-7

Cost: $90

Sewing Camp Summer 2021

I am so excited to host the 5th year of summer sewing camp! There will be 4 full weeks of sewing camp and two mini sewing camp weeks. The cost of a full week is $300 and a mini week is $135. All levels welcome at every camp!

Students are respsonisble for buying fabric and some supplies for their projects. I will provide the basic supplies and sewing machines for students enrolled in both a full and mini week. They are also welcome to bring their own machine too! The supply lists will be sent out at the beginning of May. Sewing camp will run from 9am-12pm everyday and students are to bring a snack, water bottle and mask.

To register…vemo the amount ($300 for a full week and $135 for a mini week) to Sarah-Boyd-23. In the “notes” please put the date/theme of the camp you wish for your child to attend as well as your email address. Space is limited.

Full Week June 14-18 Beach Week (headband, ruffle shirt/tunic, reversible tie tote, monogrammed towel). We will do a little swimming at the end of the week!


Full Week June 21-28 American Girl Doll (matching scrunchies, matching pj set, matching pillow cases and matching drawstring back packs) We will also make some accessories for our dolls!


Mini Week June 28 and 29 All About Dogs (handkerchief, squeaky dog toy and treat bag)


Mini Week July 12 and 13 Beach week (Reverisble tie tote and wet bathing suit bag)

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Full Week July 19-23 Spa Week (manicure set, eye mask, headband, lavender heat pack, soap pouch and cross body bag to hold all the goods!). We will make some scrubs and masks too!

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July 26-30 Around the House (apron, pillow cover, snack bags, kitchen towel with applique and reusable grocery bag) We will test out our aprons and do a little cooking!

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January Sewing Party: American Girl Doll

I’m a little behind on posting January’s sewing party seeing as it’s February 8th already! We had so much fun with our January theme! January was filled with all things American Girl doll! Who doesn’t love AG dolls?! This past month we hosted three sewing parties where we made tent covers, a mattress, pillow, blanket and accessories for our American girl dolls.

I premade all of the tent frames and precut the fabric for the girls. When I host sewing parties usually half of the kids attending have never sewn before. I try to make it as easy and fun for them as they have never operated a sewing machine before. I also have to keep in mind that we have a three hour time frame in which to work!

We split up into two groups. One group would sew and the other would make accessories for their dolls. We made teddy bears from pom poms and a fire and s’mores from felt and foam. While they crafted the other group got to work sewing.

I was so proud of their hard work and I know they were too! They set up their tents and got to playing with all they had made!

I am excited to post February’s theme! Stay tuned!

Rainbow Unicorn Dream Catcher

This is the perfect craft for your little unicorn dreamer. I recently made these rainbow unicorn dream catchers to go with one of the tent parties we threw for two birthday girls. We needed just a little something for the top of the tents. It’s fun and easy and cost effective to make! I spent around $24 for all of my supplies and made 6 total.

What you need:

yarn, a ring or wreath, glue gun/glue sticks, scissors, glitter foam, pink felt, white hard felt, little flowers and a hodge podge of ribbons.

I bought everything from Michaels with the exception of the little flowers. I got those at the dollar store! I also would have used a floral ring, but Michaels was out and amazon wasn’t able to deliver them on time. I know JoAnn has them, but didn’t really feel like driving there. So…I went with a wooden wreath. They are 99 cents a piece and I split it in half!

Step 1: If you get the wooden wreath you want to split it in to pieces. I also took the wire and twig parts that are sticking out.

Step 2: start wrapping the yarn around the wreath or ring.

Step 3: Wrap the yard around the ring/wreath until it forms a spider like web.

Step 4: You can secure the end of the yarn using your hot glue gun.

Step 5: Attach a ribbon to the top. This is how you will hang your dream catcher. You can make the length as short or long as you wish.

Step 6: Now for the horn and ears! Cut a triangle from your glitter foam, two rounded triangles from the white felt and two smaller, triangles from the pink felt to fit inside the white triangles.

Step 7: Glue the horn on the ring/wreath right in front of the ribbon. Then glue the ears next to the horn. Now you are ready for the flowers. You are going to glue the flowers on the top of the ears and horn.

Step 8: Now it’s time to tie on the ribbons! I found this 50 piece hodge podge of ribbons at Michaels. This was great because I could have a variety without having to buy multiples spools of ribbons.

Viola! You are finished! Wasn’t that fun?! Now display it however you’d like! Sweet dreams!

November/December Sewing Party

Elf on the Shelf


It’s the most wonderful time of the year! It’s the time when we welcome our elves back from the North Pole. I am so excited to host this party again as we had so much fun sewing for our elves last year. This year we will be making a hammock and pillow as well as an apron. There will be 3 party dates…

Friday, November 20th from 4pm-7pm-FULL

Saturday, November 21st from 9am-12pm-FULL

Friday, December 4th from 4pm-7pm- FULL

*NEW Date Added*

Friday, December 11th from 4-7- FULL

Pizza and drinks will be served Friday nights and donuts and hot chocolate on Saturday morning.

Cost: $95

You can register via venmo- Please write the date and your email address in the comments. There are only 6 spots available for each party. Thank you!

Harry Potter Sewing Party

Welcome to Hogwarts! Each month I am hosting a sewing party and this month it was a Harry Potter theme! Who doesn’t love the wizarding world of Harry Potter?

I had so much fun planning projects and decorating for this party. I planned the projects with the participants in mind, of course. Have they ever sewn before? How old are they? For this sewing party we made a Harry Potter reading pillow and wand holder. Both projects are beginner level projects, and I thought they would be fun to make and use!

The decorations…I kept it simple with…a shower curtain of King’s Cross Station and Secret Passage (I hung this as a backdrop), HP glasses/tattoo and candles (from amazon), plastic table cloth, beer mugs and netting from the dollar store. I bought brown bags from Michaels to hold their take home goodies. Oh and made wands following this tutorial! Super fun and cost effective. Next time I throw a HP party I will have the kids paint them!

I ran fishing line through the rubber part of the candle to construct floating candles.

I used my silhouette to cut the face of HP. I also found a lightning font to use for their name tags as well as on the reading pillow!

I set up an activity table and had the groups rotate. One group would sew and the other group complete the activities, then we would switch! It was much easier to monitor my beginning sewers and those who were first timers! The activity table included tattoos, glasses, HP word searches, HP fortune teller and “I Spy” page. This is the time they also made the crest for their wand holders.

Snacks! It wouldn’t be a party without snacks! To keep it all separate I used some leftover cones from my dad’s book signing last week. I filled them with Ravenclaws,(bugles) Slithering Snakes (sour gummie snakes) Harry’s Wand (pretzel rod) and a Golden Snitch.

We also made Butterbeer! There are a ton of recipes on Pinterest for butterbeer. Our concoction consisted of ice cream, cream soda, butter extract, butterscotch topping and whip cream. We put the ice cream, cream soda and butter extract in the blender and topped with whip cream and butterscotch drizzle.

We didn’t just snack, we sewed too!

I love this photo! For my smaller sewists I stack books so they can reach the foot pedal:)

Like I said at the beginning of the post, we made a wand holder and envelope style reading pillow. I got the idea for the wand holder here. I changed a few things and added a belt option. I pre cut everything to expedite the process which allowe the girls to be able to complete two projects!

For the envelope pillow I also precut the handles, pieces for the pillow, and ironed the names. The girls sewed the handles, put the pieces together, clipped into place and sewed around the edges. It was the perfect amount of work for this group!

Now they have the perfect pillow to store their books and take it wherever they want to read!

This was such a great group of girls! I can’t wait for the October Party!

This is 11!

It’s a teepee party! We were so excited to celebrate our 11 year old and her wishes to have a teepee sleepover! She wanted a garden/spa theme. So…we rented some teepees and incorporated some spa activities, party gifts and games to help celebrate.

When I posted picture of the party I received a lot of questions about the balloon garland. I did a little research on you tube and found a kit on amazon. It was surprisingly easy to put together it was just a little time consuming. I have made two since! Clara requested flowers to be scattered about the garland. I thought they were a great addition!

The party ball! If you have never attended a party with a party ball you are missing out! It’s a fun and exciting way to celebrate. I feel like it’s kinda like having a pinata, but it lasts longer and leaves the party goers on the edge of their seats. I you want to make a party ball you first need to gather your favorite goodies. For this party ball I went to our local Five Below store. The dollar store would also work nicely or the dollar spot at Target! The goal is to collect as many goodies for the party ball as you can. I stocked up on socks, key chains, candy, whoopie cushions, make up, nail polish and pens. I used two boxes of saran wrap to conceal all of the goodies! If you want a party ball tutorial go here! Grab two dice and you are ready!

Gather the participants and put them in a circle. I handed out some mittens to make the task a little more difficult. Give the party ball to one of the party goers or the birthday girl. Give the dice to the person sitting to the left of them. The person with the party ball begins to peal the saran wrap (no ripping or tearing) the person to the left of the starts to roll the dice. They roll until they roll doubles. When they roll doubles they pass the dice to the person on the left and take the party ball from the person to their right. They fun keeps going until the last person unwraps the final gift. It becomes a very exciting game and is equally as fun to play with adults!

During our party we also made a sugar scrub! I picked up some wide mouth mason jars from our local JoAnn store. I also gathered sugar, clear vanilla, coconut oil, and lavender. We passed each ingredient around. We started with 3/4 cups of sugar, 1/4 cup of coconut oil, 1/4 tsp of clear vanilla and a couple drops of lavender. Some girls didn’t love the smell of the lavender so they omitted it. Some of them felt that their scrub was a little watery so they added a bit more sugar. You don’t want it to be “watery.” When the tested the scrub, they were surprised at how soft it made their hands feel.

Who doesn’t love a take home goodie?! For the spa themed take home goodies I purchased these cute gold baskets from the dollar store. I made nail kits and embroidered hand towels. We also bought masks from 5 below.

This was such a fun party and has since turned into a business! Glamp With Me Teepee! You can find us on Instagram and Facebook! After a little research and talking to friends we realized there weren’t any teepee rentals in South Tampa or St. Pete. We had our first teepee party last weekend and have 10 booked over the next few months!

If you are looking to book a party for more information you can contact us through IG or FB or email Sarahmlboyd@yahoo.com.