Travel Pillowcase


1/2 Yard of Cotton Fabric

1/4 Yard of Cotton Fabric for the border/cuff

12” x 16” pillow insert

  • Cut cuff/border fabric using the pattern. (Given in Camp)
  • Cut a rectangle from the main fabric using the pattern. (Given in Camp)

After you cut the fabric…

Take the main part of the fabric and put rights sides together.

Mark 3/8” using your invisible pen and ruler.

Clip with alligator pins or straight pins. Sew down each side.

Finish with a zig zag stitch and wet the invisible pen marks on your pillowcase.

Press seams.

Take the border/contrasting fabric and fold with right sides together and sew.  Finish with a zigzag stitch.

Press the seam.

Fold the cuff/border fabric in half and press.

Place the folded border/contrasting fabric on the right edge of the vertical rectangle with all edges of the border fabric lined up with the main fabric.

Pin and sew. Finish with a zig zag stitch.

Turn it right side out.


Top stitch


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