Gingerbread Costume

What elf wouldn’t want to dress up as a Gingerbread boy/girl while visiting from the North Pole? This tutorial will guide you through making a gingerbread costume for your elf. It’s quick, easy and will bring a smile to your little one’s face.

What you need:

  • two pieces of felt
  • ric rac
  • fabric pen
  • buttons
  • coordinating thread
  • ribbon for the bow
  • pattern
Print out your pattern. The pattern is a little larger than a standard size paper. You can use pattern paper or tissue paper. Fold the paper, trace and cut out the gingerbread man.
Pin the pattern into place and cut around the gingerbread pattern.
Sew your buttons.
Use your fabric pen to mark the gingerbread boy. These lines will guide you in sewing the two pieces of felt together (not yet though!).
Sew your ric rac into place. I use a lighter to burn the end of the ric rac to prevent it from fraying.
Now place your two pieces of felt together, pin into place and sew on the lines.
Make a bow and burn the edges to prevent the ends from fraying.
Sew your bow into place.

Viola! You now have a gingerbread costume for your Elf! Pin the bow onto the head if your elf is a girl!

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