This is 11!

It’s a teepee party! We were so excited to celebrate our 11 year old and her wishes to have a teepee sleepover! She wanted a garden/spa theme. So…we rented some teepees and incorporated some spa activities, party gifts and games to help celebrate.

When I posted picture of the party I received a lot of questions about the balloon garland. I did a little research on you tube and found a kit on amazon. It was surprisingly easy to put together it was just a little time consuming. I have made two since! Clara requested flowers to be scattered about the garland. I thought they were a great addition!

The party ball! If you have never attended a party with a party ball you are missing out! It’s a fun and exciting way to celebrate. I feel like it’s kinda like having a pinata, but it lasts longer and leaves the party goers on the edge of their seats. I you want to make a party ball you first need to gather your favorite goodies. For this party ball I went to our local Five Below store. The dollar store would also work nicely or the dollar spot at Target! The goal is to collect as many goodies for the party ball as you can. I stocked up on socks, key chains, candy, whoopie cushions, make up, nail polish and pens. I used two boxes of saran wrap to conceal all of the goodies! If you want a party ball tutorial go here! Grab two dice and you are ready!

Gather the participants and put them in a circle. I handed out some mittens to make the task a little more difficult. Give the party ball to one of the party goers or the birthday girl. Give the dice to the person sitting to the left of them. The person with the party ball begins to peal the saran wrap (no ripping or tearing) the person to the left of the starts to roll the dice. They roll until they roll doubles. When they roll doubles they pass the dice to the person on the left and take the party ball from the person to their right. They fun keeps going until the last person unwraps the final gift. It becomes a very exciting game and is equally as fun to play with adults!

During our party we also made a sugar scrub! I picked up some wide mouth mason jars from our local JoAnn store. I also gathered sugar, clear vanilla, coconut oil, and lavender. We passed each ingredient around. We started with 3/4 cups of sugar, 1/4 cup of coconut oil, 1/4 tsp of clear vanilla and a couple drops of lavender. Some girls didn’t love the smell of the lavender so they omitted it. Some of them felt that their scrub was a little watery so they added a bit more sugar. You don’t want it to be “watery.” When the tested the scrub, they were surprised at how soft it made their hands feel.

Who doesn’t love a take home goodie?! For the spa themed take home goodies I purchased these cute gold baskets from the dollar store. I made nail kits and embroidered hand towels. We also bought masks from 5 below.

This was such a fun party and has since turned into a business! Glamp With Me Teepee! You can find us on Instagram and Facebook! After a little research and talking to friends we realized there weren’t any teepee rentals in South Tampa or St. Pete. We had our first teepee party last weekend and have 10 booked over the next few months!

If you are looking to book a party for more information you can contact us through IG or FB or email

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