January Sewing Party: American Girl Doll

I’m a little behind on posting January’s sewing party seeing as it’s February 8th already! We had so much fun with our January theme! January was filled with all things American Girl doll! Who doesn’t love AG dolls?! This past month we hosted three sewing parties where we made tent covers, a mattress, pillow, blanket and accessories for our American girl dolls.

I premade all of the tent frames and precut the fabric for the girls. When I host sewing parties usually half of the kids attending have never sewn before. I try to make it as easy and fun for them as they have never operated a sewing machine before. I also have to keep in mind that we have a three hour time frame in which to work!

We split up into two groups. One group would sew and the other would make accessories for their dolls. We made teddy bears from pom poms and a fire and s’mores from felt and foam. While they crafted the other group got to work sewing.

I was so proud of their hard work and I know they were too! They set up their tents and got to playing with all they had made!

I am excited to post February’s theme! Stay tuned!

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